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  • Will a Firm Mattress Improve Your Sleep?

    As you search for the perfect mattress to give you that ideal night’s sleep that leaves you feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to tackle the day that lies ahead, it’s important to consider how firm you want your mattress to be.

    If you pick a mattress that is too firm or one that is not firm enough, you may notice some problems. Fortunately, Mattress One is Florida’s largest independent mattress retailer so there is a wide selection of mattresses to choose from.

    Too Soft

    If your mattress is too soft, you may find yourself waking up with back or neck pain. If you already have back pain, it may also worsen due to a mattress that is too soft. This is because your body sinks into the mattress too much, causing your back to curve while you sleep.

    This puts undue stress on your back, and can lead to pain over time. That’s because whatever support your mattress is lacking, your muscles have to make up for.

    Too Firm

    If your mattress is too firm, your body weight is not distributed enough and it can cause pain in your hips and shoulders.  What you should be hoping to find is a mattress that has the perfect balance of support and firmness.

    Mattresses that contour to your body may provide a wonderful night’s sleep and terrific support for your back, as long as they are firm enough to distribute your weight properly.

    Is Your Mattress Causing Your Pain?

    Experts say that if you awaken to back or neck pain that you can get rid of relatively quickly by loosening up with some stretching, you are likely sleeping on a mattress that is not a good fit for you. The key is that the pain is gone as soon as you loosen up from the previous night’s stresses.

    Your Firm Options

    Since our selection of mattresses is among the best in Florida, we have mattresses from several brands and lines that offer differing levels of support.

    TEMPUR-pedic is among the best-known mattress brands, and their TEMPUR-Contour collection offers the firmest feel among their mattresses. This collection has mattresses that will conform to your body mildly in order to provide the appropriate amount of support while still maintaining a firm feel. Meanwhile, the TEMPUR-Simplicity collection offers a range of firmnesses, including a firm mattress.

    If you’re looking for an extra firm feel, you may consider the Genius Sleep System made by Icomfort Sleep System by Serta. Their bed offers extra firm support through Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, which is firmer than some of its memory foam counterparts. Serta also offers a firm option on its Perfect Sleeper, which happens to be the first official mattress of the National Sleep Foundation.

    True Energy’s Blaine model is the firmest among its offerings, with a Plush Firm style that includes a layer of firm comfort foam.

    Meanwhile, Comforpedic has two models with firmer feel: the St. Simons and the Mykonos. Each includes a layer of Luxury Firm Comfort Foam. The difference between the two is that the Mykonos has two inches of Advanced AirCool Memory Foam, while the St. Simons has one-half inch of it.

    There are also several firm mattresses in the Beautyrest Classic line, including the Dry Run, Milner Avenue, Kinard Drive and Chesterholm Street. All four are made with PurFoam Firm, and the Dry Run and Milner Avenue have two one-half inch layers of it, while the Kinard Drive and Chesterholm Street have one-half inch of memory foam and one-half inch of PurFoam Luxury Firm.

    Finally, BeuatySleep’s Adore Eurotop mattress includes two inches of Convoluted Firm Foam.

  • Understanding How Memory Foam Works

    Memory foam has turned into an often-used buzz word in the marketing of mattresses, but you might not truly understand exactly what it is and how it works. Memory foam is actually polyurethane with chemicals added to make it denser. In addition, the denser the foam becomes the more it will react to heat. This means that it can mold itself to your body due to the heat you give off.

    The fact that memory foam is more dense than other materials in mattresses is key, as this makes it more supportive. While some people believe that if you sink into a mattress it cannot offer you the maximum support, that’s not automatically true.

    Depending on how firmly the mattress supports you, having it conform to your body may actually offer you better support by spreading it across your entire body instead of focusing it in smaller areas.

    Given that memory foam is so popular, we have a very big selection of mattresses that are made with memory foam. This can certainly be daunting at first, so it’s a good idea to see them in person and find out how they feel.

    Fortunately, you can stop by one of our 100-plus locations across Florida to check them out yourself and decide which one feels best to you.

    Memory Foam Mattress Options

    iComfort Sleep System by Serta offers memory foam in all of their mattresses. The Wellbeing Sleep System combines Cool Action Gel Memory Foam with premium KoolComfort memory. They also add other layers of memory foam throughout the mattress to create an even more comfortable feel.

    iComfort also offers the Renewal Refined Sleep System, which has KoolComfort Memory Foam and Cool Action Gel Memory Foam in the top layer of upholstery.

    The Genius Sleep System from iComfort is topped off with Cool Action Gel Memory Foam, and has a firmer mattress underneath to give stronger support.

    The Insight Sleep System by iComfort also has Cool Action Gel Memory Foam in the top layer of upholstery, while the Prodigy Sleep System has Cool Action Gel Memory Foam and KoolComfort Memory Foam in the top layer.

    Finally, as far as iComfort’s offering is concerned, is the Savant Sleep System, which has a layer of KoolComfort Memory Foam and the Cool Action Gel Memory Foam together to provide a conforming, contouring feel.

    Serta does have other offerings with its memory foam, which also helps to dissipate heat and relieve pressure on your body.

    Stearns and Foster mattresses are made with some of the best materials in the world, such as silk, cashmere, cotton, wool, latex and horsehair. Their Estate and Lux Estate mattresses also bot include memory foam. Likewise, Sealy mattreses offer an optional layer of Memory Foam that is six inches thick.

    Optimum by Sealy offers OptiCool, which is a unique gel memory foam offering since it is fused with OUTLAST. This is a material used in high performance outdoor clothing for temperature regulation. This is in addition to OptiSense memory foam. These offerings are in all of Optimum’s mattresses: Destiny, Radiance, Inspiration, Vibrant and Elation.

    Simmons Beautyrest TruEnergy mattress contains AirCool memory foam.

    True Energy has four mattresses that all include memory foam. The Blaine and Anneliese models include AirCool Memory Foam, while the Bryanna and Kailey offer AirCool Memory Foam with GelTouch and a layer of regular memory foam.

    Similarly, Comforpedic offers AirCool Memory Foam with GelTouch in combination with the standard AirCool Memory Foam in the St. Simons, Seabrooke and Mykonos models.

    If you’re only looking for one, smaller layer of memory foam then consider the BeautyRest Classic Kinard Drive or Chesterholm Street, which both have one-half inch of memory foam in the second top upholstery layer.

  • Sleep Tips

    An amazing night of sleep is what you’re seeking when you set out to buy a new mattress, so it’s important to keep all of the sleep tips in mind so that you get the most out of your mattress and your night. That way you can wake up the next morning recharged and ready to take on the day.

    Getting the proper amount of sleep is probably even more important than we realize, as we know more now about the need for quality sleep than we did even a few years ago. It can reduce the risk of heart attacks and strokes, prevent depression and obesity and reduce stress.

    Food and Beverage Related Sleep Tips

    If you have trouble getting to sleep or staying asleep, one of the first things to do is take a look at what you’re eating and drinking before bed. You should eliminate all caffeine intake late at night, including coffee, tea and soda. You should also avoid eating any foods that are high in sugar too close to bedtime, or attempting to sleep only a few minutes after eating. You will have more restful sleep if your body is not digesting food at the time.

    Habit Related Sleep Tips

    One way to try to get to sleep quicker is to avoid too much visual stimulation leading up to bedtime. Reading in a room that isn’t too bright is a much better option than spending time watching television or on the computer, as these devices give off blue light. That type of light is similar to sunlight, which our body uses to regulate our sleepiness and wakefulness. Thus, television or computer screens can send your brain the signal to wake you up. That’s not ideal before bed.

    Snoring Tips

    If you or your sleep partner is snoring, that could be the sign of more serious problems as it is disrupting breathing during sleep. You can try some of the over the counter options, such as the mouthpieces or nasal strips that are designed to eliminate snoring. If these don’t work, though, it’s important to see a doctor and make sure that you don’t have sleep apnea.

    Sleep apnea is a fancier way of saying that the patient stopped breathing momentarily while sleeping. This is obviously dangerous because there’s a risk that the patient will not resume breathing, but it also causes the sleeper to wake up briefly. While you may not realize in the morning that you woke up in the middle of the night (and perhaps dozens of times per hour), it will prevent you from getting the deep sleep you need to rest.

    Thus, snoring is more than an annoyance and if it continues, it warrants a trip to the doctor.

    Medical Tips

    If you cannot sleep even after trying the above tips, you can try over the counter sleep aids like melatonin, but you should really see your doctor to make sure there isn’t a bigger underlying problem.

    Mattress Tips

    Your mattress can also play a big role in how quickly you fall asleep and how easily you stay asleep. The key is to find the most comfortable mattress and pillows. One helpful sleep tip is to look for a mattress that eliminates pressure points and spreads your weight out evenly. Usually mattresses with memory foam or gel memory foam are best in this regard.

    The key is that when you have pressure points while sleeping, they can become uncomfortable, causing you to wake up and adjust your position. This wakes you up, disrupting your sleep cycle.

    A good rule of thumb is to lie on a mattress for 15 to 20 minutes in the store and make sure it stays comfortable the entire time.

  • Selection Key When Sorting Through Mattresses

    Anytime you need to buy a new mattress, it can feel intimidating. Perhaps you’re buying your first mattress as a young adult, or perhaps you’re buying a mattress for the first time in many years. Either way, the sheer quantity of mattresses on the market can be almost scary.

    In addition, all mattresses more or less look the same. Sure, they have different surface materials or colors and different thicknesses, but speaking in general, they mostly look alike. What’s inside is very different, though, and it’s important that you know what you’re getting.

    Nobody wants to make a mistake on a big purchase, especially one that has such an impact on your quality of life. So it’s important to do a little bit of research and go to the right place.

    In Florida, it’s easy to find a nearby location of Mattress One, and our selection is tremendous. Here, you can sample a variety of mattresses so that you not only get one that is a good match for what you’re looking for, but also have the peace of mind that you made the right decision.

    Make a Game Plan

    It’s a good idea to have a plan of attack when researching the mattresses you may end up buying. First, you need to know what your priorities are in a mattress. Most people are considering comfort, special needs (sore back, sore hips, etc) and a price range.

    Of course, as much research as you may be able to do on a variety of mattresses, other people’s opinions can only get you so far. It’s important to make sure that you take that into account, but also feel the mattress for yourself.

    Experts recommend spending at least 15 to 20 minutes laying on a mattress to see how it feels for you. This will give you enough time to get a sense of how the mattress contours to your body if it has memory foam, or to notice any possible problems or discomforts that may arise.

    This is one of the big advantages of buying your mattresses at Mattress One. Our sheer selection gives you the chance to experience a variety of mattress types and brands in person.

    Types of Mattresses

    Two of the most common types of mattresses people buy today are memory foam and gel memory foam. They both conform to your body, and depending on the density of the foam, offer varying levels of support. One of the key features of gel memory foam mattresses is that they can dissipate your body heat more effectively because the gel creates pockets for air to pass through. If you find yourself having trouble sleeping because you’re too hot, you should consider gel memory foam mattresses.

    There are also plush and pillow top mattresses, which are a little bit softer than your typical firm mattress. Many find them more comfortable, and it’s all about finding the perfect fit for you that combines comfort and support.

    A common misconception is that if you sink into your mattress at all, it cannot be providing you with good support. That’s inaccurate though, as in modern mattress designs, you can sink into the top layer a little bit while still getting support from the inner layers.

    Firm mattresses would be the least soft and, to many, the most supportive. At the same time, if they are too firm, you won’t get that support spread across your body and could have soreness in your hips or shoulders when you wake up.

    Finally, you may consider orthopedic mattresses. There is no official regulation to classify a mattress as orthopedic, but those marketed as such generally use medical analysis to provide you with optimal support.

  • Protect Your Mattress and Yourself

    You are going to invest a lot of money into your mattress, box spring, bed frame and anything else connected to your bed. That’s what it is, too, an investment in all of the benefits of a good night’s sleep and in the satisfaction you’ll get from it.

    So make sure to protect your investment properly. One of the biggest threats to a mattress is a liquid spill getting into the mattress and leaving you with a nightmare to clean up and get rid of. That’s especially the case if the liquid seeps deep into the mattress and has an unsavory smell. In this case, you could be in for a long battle to get rid of the odor.

    You don’t have to ever end up in that position, though. Simply make the investment ahead of time to take preventative measures.

    Mattress Protectors

    A mattress protector is usually referring to an encasement that surrounds your mattress with an impenetrable surface, at least as far as liquids are concerned. They are often made out of vinyl with the sole goal of keeping the mattress dry in the event of a spill, but you can also protect yourself from any allergens that may be inside the mattress or fighting to get there.

    You can purchase a specially made hypoallergenic mattress protector that has a pore size small enough to protect you from dust, dust mites or other substances that may give you allergy problems.

    In fact, you can even take your mattress protection and self protection a step farther to keep away one of the biggest nightmare’s of those living in big cities: bed bugs.

    Bed bugs were a normal problem up until the mid 1900's until the proper pesticides to deal with them were introduced for household use. Unfortunately, bed bug infestations are on the rise again and scientists aren’t entirely sure why. Many believe this has to do with people forgetting to be vigilant or bed bugs developing resistance to pesticides.

    Either way, you don’t need to be sure of the cause; you just need to be sure there aren’t any in your mattress! There are now mattress protectors that are made of materials that bed bugs cannot penetrate, thus keeping them away so that you can truly sleep tight!

    Mattress Pad

    A mattress pad is a great way to add a little cushion to your mattress. It is simply a pad that goes over the top of your mattress, usually with straps that wrap around and under your mattress in order to keep it secure. If you find a mattress that you like but it’s not quite soft or comfortable enough for you on the surface, a mattress pad might be the perfect solution.

    These are often available in memory foam or gel memory foam, so that you can get the extra support they provide. If you shop carefully, you can also find a mattress pad to fit under a mattress protector, thus giving you both the comfort and protection you desire.

    Mattress Toppers

    Sometimes people use the words mattress pad and mattress topper interchangeably, but there are subtle differences. A mattress pad typically is made of something synthetic, like the aforementioned memory foam. It also secures to the bed.

    A mattress topper often contains down feathers, or a similar material, and only lays on top of the mattress without fastening.

    This can make them more difficult to keep in place when changing the sheets, but if you prefer the feeling of the down to synthetic foam, then a mattress topper could be the right fit for you.

  • Pillows Are Important to Your Sleep Quality

    If you often wake up with neck pain, or feel that you have a stiff neck throughout the day, perhaps you should consider buying a new pillow to improve your neck support during sleep. In fact, this could give you a better night’s sleep as you may wake up less frequently in order to adjust your position in an attempt to relieve the stress on your neck.

    There’s also a lot more than neck comfort and alertness and energy at stake when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep. Researchers have found a number of exciting benefits that come from a good, uninterrupted night’s sleep, including living longer, forming stronger memories, preventing inflammation within the body, improving creativity and mental functioning, better athletic performance, preventing symptoms similar ADHD, fat loss, decreased stress, decreased depression and quicker reaction times.

    So it goes without saying that almost everyone can enjoy the benefits of a better night’s sleep. So consider how altering your pillows could play a key role in obtaining some of the above benefits.

    Doctor Recommended Pillows

    Rocco Monto is an orthopedic surgeon from Massachusetts who spoke to about choosing the proper pillow, which he said should, “fill the gap between your head and neck and the mattress, and dynamically assume that shape during position changes as you sleep.”

    You might also consider using a knee pillow between or below your knees while sleeping to help your spinal alignment and eliminate some of the stress on your lower back.

    If you suffer from neck pain, a cervical or orthopedic pillow might be the right choice for you. These pillows have indentations and curves in the right places to properly support your head and neck depending on the position you are sleeping in.

    Similarly to the way a memory foam mattress works, the more points of firm contact with your head and neck that you have, the better the support you will receive.

    Memory Foam Pillows

    If you feel that the molded pillows that are supposed to align your head and neck in a certain way don’t quite work for you, or leave you feeling uncomfortable, then perhaps a memory foam pillow is what you need. These pillows work just like their mattress counterparts.

    While your head may sink into the memory foam pillow, it will still be getting support from the dense foam beneath it. This alleviates the pressure from your neck muscles, which would otherwise have to support the weight of your head.

    It’s important that these muscles get their needed rest over the course of the night while you’re sleeping, or you may wake up sore or stiff.

    Pillows for Style

    Of course, not all pillows are all about your sleep quality and comfort. You can also buy throw pillows to match your bed spread and add a little bit of style to your bedroom.

    It is often said that your bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom, and this is certainly true. Choosing a stylish bedspread can add that perfect touch to a room and add a dash of color. If the bed is the centerpiece of the room, the throw pillows are the accent of the room.

    Don’t forget to pick the right throw pillows to pull it all together.

    Free Pillows From Mattress One

    You can’t beat free! Visit one of the many Mattress One locations – there are more than 100 spread across Florida, and you will get free pillows with your mattress purchase. You can get more details on this offer at your local store.

  • Pillow Top Mattresses Can Offer Better Surface Comfort

    Sometimes people make generalized assumptions about mattresses. They may think that a firm mattress is always the way to go, or that if a mattress feels firm to the touch it will cause back pain rather than preventing it.

    In fact, they may just assume that the firmness of a mattress only refers to the very top layer, but that’s not actually the case. The truth of the matter is that firmness involves the deeper layers of the mattress too, and everyone will have different needs and preferences in their mattress.

    For many customers, a pillow top mattress is the ideal, comfortable compromise between a comfortable, soft surface and a depth of firmness that provides the right amount of support. A pillow top mattress has an extra layer of cushioning on top, which makes it feel soft to the touch. They are often recommended to those who find themselves tossing and turning on a regular mattress.

    If you’re not sure what type of mattress you need, Mattress One has one of the widest selections in Florida and you can sample a variety of different brands and styles of mattresses.

    Our wide selection

    Pillow Top Mattress Selections

    When it comes to mattresses, one of the first names that come to mind is usually Tempurpedic, which offers the TEMPUR-Cloud collection that has TEMPUR-ES material on the top. This material gives you the comfort you’d expect from a pillow-top mattress by conforming to your body. As a result, the mattress will have fewer pressure points against your body.

    You can also consider the Serta Perfect Sleeper, which was created with input from the National Sleep Foundation in order to eliminate some of the common causes  of sleep disruption. The aim is to prevent tossing and turning, lack of support, temperatures that are too hot or cold, disturbing your sleeping partner and sagging in the mattress. One of the options is a Pillow Top, which has an extra layer of upholstery to provide additional softness.

    Euro Top Mattress Selections

    You could also consider a Euro top mattress, which has a similar feel to a pillow top mattress but has one key distinguishing difference. The Euro top is connected directly to the mattress itself, while the pillow top is a separate layer that has extra space. Thus, a pillow top mattress will be thicker and higher than a Euro top.

    The Serta Perfect Sleeper (see above) also comes in a Euro top, which has firmer tailoring.

    True Energy offers two mattresses in the Euro top style. The Bryanna and Kailey both have True Energy’s Plush Euro-Top, using an inch of AirCool Memory Foam with GelTouch.

    Beautyrest Classic has one mattress with a Euro top, the Milner Avenue which uses the company’s Plush Firm Euro Top. It’s made with FR Fiber on the top quilting layer and one inch of PurFoam Firm for the top upholstery layer.

    BeautySleep uses a Euro top style of mattress as well in their Adore Eurotop, which has TB 200 FR Fiber on the top quilting layer, followed by five-eighths of an inch of Plush Foam and one and a half inches of Convoluted Plush Foam.

    Financing Options

    Our mattresses cover a wide range of price points, and Mattress One also makes it simple for you to pick the perfect mattress to get a perfect night of sleep with our financing options. Mattress One has partnered with GE, Progressive and Springleaf to offer various financing options.

    With more than 100 locations across Florida, zero percent financing and a better variety of mattresses than you could imagine, it’s clear to see why so many people choose Mattress One.

  • Mattress One’s Discounts Help You Find an Affordable Mattress

    Affordable Brand Name Mattresses in Florida

    One of the most nerve-wracking parts of buying a mattress can be trying to find the right balance between affordability and quality. You certainly don’t want to spend too much money on your new mattress, but at the same time it is one of the most important big purchases you can make.

    When you select a new mattress, your choice will impact your quality of life significantly. Think about how important a good night of sleep can be to your day-to-day life. Ideally, you will spend eight hours each and every night sleeping. That adds up to almost three thousand hours per year, and could very well be more than 30-thousand hours you spend sleeping on your mattress.

    The first thoughts you might have connected to your quality of sleep have to do with feeling energized, awake and alert during the day. However, avoiding the effects of long-term sleep deprivation can be absolutely critical to your health. It can stave off depression, obesity, cognitive impairment, stress, memory problems, high blood pressure and even heart attacks and strokes.

    That does not even take into account that a good, high quality mattress not only improves your chances of getting a high quality, peaceful rest each night but also can help prevent back, neck and joint problems.

    If you sleep every night on a mattress that does not give you the proper support, you may end up dealing with chronic low back pain if your mattress is not firm enough. On the other hand, if your mattress is too hard and does not contour to your body at all, you may wind up having pain in your hips, shoulders or other joints.

    Keep in mind that most people will spend around a third of their life in their bed, and that there are many health benefits to buying the right mattress and risks to sleeping without the proper support. Thus, you obviously don’t want to skimp too much on your new mattress. It’s important to still get a quality mattress that gives you comfort, support and the proper conditions for eight hours of sleep.

    The trick is getting all of that at an affordable price, which is why Mattress One’s selection of all of the best brands of mattresses at low prices is the perfect solution to your problems. Make sure that you start your search at one of the many locations of Mattress One across Florida. Mattress One also offers great discounts, including some that are only available at local stores.

    So as soon as you start shopping for your new mattress, find a Mattress One location near you. There are 110 stores all over Florida, and you can easily search online, so you should be able to find a convenient, nearby location.

    Affordable Brand Name Mattresses

    Mattress One carries all of the top brand names in mattresses, so you know that you will be getting a quality bed at a fair, reasonable price.

    Mattress One sells one of the biggest names in mattresses in Tempurpedic, which offers the TEMPUR-Cloud Collection, TEMPUR-Weightless Collection, TEMPUR-Contour Collection and TEMPUR-Simplicity Collection.

    You can also find the iComfort Sleep System by Serta at Mattress One, whether it’s the Wellbeing Sleep System, Renewal Refined Sleep System, Genius Sleep System, Insight Sleep System, Prodigy Sleep System or the Savant Sleep System.

    The Serta iSeries is also available at Mattress One, along with Stearns and Foster, Sealy and Optimum by Sealy.

    Sales and Offers

    Right now you can take advantage of the TEMPUR-Ergo Advanced Closeout and save up to $400, or upgrade and save up to $500 on an Optimum Sealy Posturepedic mattress.

  • How to Properly Take Care of Your Mattress

    Maintaining the Mattress Structure

    After spending money on the right mattress to suit your needs, make sure that you take care of it properly in order to extend its life and get the most out of your investment. Too often, people will buy a mattress, put it on their bed and never think at all about how to take care of it and keep it in the best condition possible for as long as possible.

    That means taking measures to prevent any sagging, indentations or spills that cause unsavory odors. If you take the proper measures, you should be able to enjoy the full life of your mattress.

    Maintaining the Mattress Structure

    First, make sure to match your mattress with the proper box spring and frame in order to ensure that everything is properly supported. Then, after buying your mattress, there are two main things that you can do in order to avoid having any sagging or indentations down the line.

    First, try to avoid sitting on the same spot on the edge of the bed repeatedly. This most commonly occurs if you sit in the same spot every morning to tie your shoes, for example.

    Second, rotate your mattress according to the directions that came with it. If you have a pillow top you may not be able to flip it over, but you can still rotate it so that your body is resting in a different spot on the mattress and the wear is spread evenly.

    Usually you will want to rotate your mattress about three to four times per year.

    Keeping the Mattress Clean

    You should vacuum your mattress using the proper attachment on your vacuum cleaner at least as often as you rotate the mattress. This includes running your vacuum along the box spring as well.

    Obviously you’ll want to clean the sheets on the bed more often. It is also very important that you keep your bed dry, as liquids can quickly sink into it and become very difficult to clean up. Thus, it’s a good idea to keep liquids away from your mattress and don’t drink anything in bed.

    Alternatively, you may wish to get a mattress protector in order to prevent any liquid from seeping into the mattress in the event that you do have a spill. A mattress protector is simply something that encloses the mattress that is impenetrable by liquids. Usually they are made out of vinyl, or a similar material.

    You can also find hypoallergenic mattress covers, as well as those that protect your mattress from bed bugs, if they are a problem in your part of the world.

    If you do not want to use a mattress protector for whatever reason, you may be interested in trying a mattress pad or mattress topper instead. While these do not fully cover the mattress, they do add another layer on top of it and may also make your mattress more comfortable by adding extra cushioning.

    No matter how careful you are, chances are some liquid will seep into the mattress at some point, even if it’s only a little bit of sweat. Nonetheless, it’s a good idea to let your mattress air out if you are not going to be using it for a couple of weeks. When you go on vacation, for example, take the sheets off of your mattress and take it out of any enclosures in order to let it breathe a bit.

    If you follow all of the advice above, you should be able to maintain the structural integrity of your mattress and keep it clean and dry for many years.

  • How to Pick the Right Mattress Size

    It’s one of the first decisions you’ll need to make about buying a new mattress, and it’s important to get it right. There are a lot of factors that go into picking the perfectly sized mattress, as well. You must consider the size of whoever will sleep on the mattress and the size of the bedroom. If you are planning on using an existing bed frame and box spring, that may dictate your mattress size more than any other factor.

    If you are buying a mattress for a child who is still growing, than you may want to go bigger than necessary so that the mattress lasts longer.

    How Big is Big Enough?

    In general, it is a safe guideline to get a mattress that is at least six inches longer than whoever will be sleeping in it. Of course, if two people are sharing a bed, you need to go longer than the taller person in the couple.

    As far as width goes, a good rule of thumb is to lay down on your back and clasp your hands behind your head with your elbows out to the side. Don’t let them hang over the edge – if they fit on the mattress, it’s big enough. If you have a sleeping partner, make sure you can fit side to side like that without overlapping.

    If sharing a bed, you may want to also consider whether one of you has a tendency to toss and turn at night. In this case you may want more space in between you so that your partner doesn’t wake up while you are shifting at night.

    How Big is Too Big?

    Make sure that your bed doesn’t take over your whole room, especially if you have a small bedroom. If it might be an issue, ensure that you will at least have room to walk around the bed and open any nearby drawers. Sometimes it’s worth sacrificing some room space for a better night’s sleep, but it’ll be frustrating if you feel cramped while you’re in your bedroom in general.

    Remember to measure the hallways and doorways leading to your bedroom as well as any tight turns in the house.

    Don’t Forget The Height

    Make sure you pick a comfortable height for your mattress and remember to include the height of the bed frame and box spring as well. If you can’t comfortable get in and out of the bed, you’ll need to adjust it accordingly. This is particularly the case for kids, especially if you are worried that they might fall out of bed at night.

    Test it Out!

    It may feel a bit awkward to lay down on a mattress in a store in public, especially as a couple, but this is an important step to make sure that you pick out the right size. You are likely going to be sleeping on this mattress for 10-plus years. That’s 3,650 or more nights. Don’t regret the size of your mattress that often.

    Make sure that there is room to lay down next to each other in bed and stretch out a bit without cramping one another’s space.

    What Are the Sizes?

    A single/twin mattress is 39 inches by 75 inches, and usually suitable for a child or young adult.

    A twin long mattress measures 39 inches by 80 inches and is a good option for someone a little bit taller.

    A double/full bed is 54 inches by 75 inches, and is the smallest you should consider as a couple.

    A full long bed is 54 inches by 80 inches, adding a few more inches of height.

    A queen bed measures 60 inches by 80 inches, and is a common choice for adults and couples.

    A king is 76 inches by 80 inches and provides extra space and comfort for adults.

    A California king is 72 inches by 84 inches, making it a good fit for people up to 6-foot-6 tall.

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Mattress 1 One is a quality mattress retailer that understands our customers and what they need for a good nights sleep. We carry all the major brands including Tempurpedic, Sealy, Serta, Stearns & Foster, and Simmons visit us online or in one of more than 300 locations in Florida, Texas and Georgia.