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  • Sleep and the Brain

    Why getting a good night’s sleep is more important than you think.

    Between work, kids, pets, taking care of the house, helping the community, and spending time with family and friends, it can be hard to find a minute to breathe, let alone enjoy a good night’s sleep. But sleep is one of the last things you should be shortchanging yourself on. Without making time for rest, it’s even more difficult, if not impossible, to check off everything else on your to-do list.

    The reason for this is simple: sleep is incredibly important for our brains. From improving learning to reducing the risk of certain types of mental illness, sleep helps our brains to function better every day. Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for enjoying a productive, healthy life. And the consequences of not doing so can be counterproductive for your health.

    The Good News: Getting Enough Sleep Helps Us Learn and Perform Better

    While you sleep, your brain is busy synthesizing and analyzing all the knowledge you’ve picked up during the day. The brain creates new pathways and forges new connections between information. Once you wake up, this makes tasks like processing information, making decisions, and performing productive work much easier. Whether you’re putting together a presentation for work or trying to reason with the kids, getting a good night’s sleep can make all of the difference!

    The Bad News: Missing Sleep Can Have Unhealthy Consequences

    Losing sleep doesn’t just make you groggy and grumpy when morning arrives. Even missing just an hour or two of sleep a night can severely impact the function of the brain. For instance, a lack of sleep has been tied to increased risk-taking behavior, depression, and can perpetuate other negative attitudes.

    Sleep deficiency can also be incredibly dangerous for drivers. When your body doesn’t get enough sleep, you might experience a condition called “microsleep.” During microsleep, your body slips into sleep condition when it should be awake. This is completely involuntary and impossible to control. If this happens while you’re behind the wheel, it can lead to an accident – possibly even a fatal one. Studies have shown that drowsy drivers are as impaired or more impaired than drunk ones, and as many as 1500 traffic fatalities every year are at least partially a result of drowsy drivers.

    The Takeaway: Make Sure You’re Getting Enough Sleep!

    Sleep isn’t an optional extra, something you can enjoy “when you have the time.” It’s the foundation for a safe, healthy, and happy life. Viewed this way, it just makes sense not to let that big project at work cut into your sleep, for when you get enough sleep, you’ll find it that much easier to complete the project.

    And once you’ve carved out the time for sleep, make sure that your mattress isn’t working against you. If your mattress makes you uncomfortable or leads to you tossing and turning at night, it’s time for a new one. Luckily, we here at Mattress One have an incredible selection of mattresses from all the leadings brands. Even better, with our affordable pricing, we make it easier than ever to invest in your sleep and your health. So don’t suffer through another night of broken sleep. Visit us today to find your next mattress!

  • Sleep Style & Your Mattress

    To sleep well, first you must determine how you sleep.

    Walking into a mattress store can be intimidating. It’s probably been years since you last shopped for a mattress. The brand names are familiar to you, but you’re not sure of the differences between them. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure where to begin.

    Luckily, finding the right mattress for you comes down to a few simple factors. One of the most important is your sleep style: whether you sleep on your back, your side, your stomach, or a combination of positions. To help, we’ve assembled this handy guide to let you know what to look for as you start your mattress search.

    Side Sleeper

    Many people find that it is most comfortable to sleep on their sides. If this describes you, you want to find a mattress that’s soft, because you don’t want too much pressure being put on your shoulders and hips. A softer mattress will also accommodate your body’s natural curves and keep your spine properly aligned.

    Stomach Sleeper

    When you sleep on your stomach, it’s important that you select a firm, stiff mattress. This might seem counterintuitive, as you may have selected this sleeping style because of lower back pain. However, you don’t want your body weight pressing down too hard on your stomach. You want to “float” on top of the mattress to make it easy to breathe and to keep pressure off your spine.

    Back Sleeper

    Back sleepers need the Goldilocks mattress: not too soft, not too firm, but just right. Medium-firm mattresses are the way to go for back sleepers. A medium-firm mattress will give just the right amount of support to the back without pressing too hard on the spine or creating painful pressure points.

    Combination Sleeper

    If you are a combination sleeper – which means you end up in just about every position before the end of the night – you need a mattress that is comfortable no matter what. You also need a mattress that doesn’t transfer motion to your partner, especially if your partner is a light sleeper. A foam mattress is a very good pick here, as it conforms to your body as you shift throughout the night, and your partner won’t feel a thing. But if a foam mattress isn’t in your budget, try for a mattress with pocket coil springs to cut down on motion transfer.

    Match Your Style

    The most important thing to remember about shopping for a mattress based on your sleep style is that you need to try multiple mattresses. You won’t know whether a firm mattress, ultra-plush soft mattress, or cushion firm mattress feels right to you until you lay down on one. Luckily, Mattress One has hundreds of mattresses for you to try out. We know that you’ll find your ideal mattress right here. And remember, we also offer our special 180-day in-home trial.* Feel free to bring your new mattress home and sleep on it for a few days. If it isn’t perfect for your needs, you can trade it in for one you like better!

    *Conditions apply; click here for details.

  • Why You Shouldn't Buy a Used Mattress

    Believe it or not, buying a used mattress will keep you up at night.

    There are many things you can do to ensure you get a good night’s rest, like turn off all electronics an hour before bedtime, avoid sweets after dinner, and count sheep. But here’s another thing that can help you sleep calmly and peacefully: make sure the mattress you buy has been owned by you and only you.

    Buying a used mattress may seem like a great way to save money. But here’s a dirty little secret: a used mattress is a purchase you’ll be paying for long after the final check clears the bank. Bringing a used mattress into your home is a recipe for problems, and here’s why.

    You don’t know where it’s been – or what’s been on it.

    There is nothing that says "buyer beware" quite like a used mattress, especially if you’re purchasing it from a stranger. The seller might claim that it’s “like new,” but if they have children or pets, there is no telling what happened on that mattress. Thinking of what might have gotten into the mattress you’re sleeping on is more than enough to keep you up at night.

    Used mattresses can come with a lot of baggage.

    Over time, mattress can pick up a great deal of what our bodies leave behind: dead skin cells, hair, and more things you don’t want to consider too closely. It’s impossible to thoroughly clean a mattress of all these remnants. Worse, with bedbugs on the rise, it’s possible that a used mattress may also come with some unwanted stowaways, which can then spread through your entire house.

    The mattress may already be at the end of its useable life.

    Depending on the quality of the mattress and how it was used, most mattresses have a lifespan of 7-10 years. Many people go far longer without replacing their mattress and then try to sell the mattress after it’s worn out. Remember, if you’re buying from a stranger, you have to take their word on things like the age of the mattress. Do you want to entrust your sleep to a product that is already at the end of its lifespan?

    Mattress technology is constantly improving.

    The science of sleep advances a little further every day, and the product development experts at the leading mattress brands are taking those advances in stride. New products are coming on the market aimed at providing consumers with a better, more restful night’s sleep. When you buy a mattress, the last thing you want is to lock yourself into yesterday’s technology. Take advantage of all the advances that have been made. Your body will thank you for it!

    A good night’s sleep is priceless – and a new mattress can be surprisingly affordable.

    Here at Mattress One, we take pride in offering the best mattresses on the market for affordable prices. Not only do we have a price match guarantee, we also have attractive financing. Plus, with our 180-day in-home trial, you can rest assured that the mattress you bring home will be perfect for you – and if it isn’t, you can trade it in for one that is better suited to your needs.*

    With these incentives in place and with all those warnings in mind, buying a new mattress just makes sense. So when you need a new mattress, make sure it’s a new mattress, and visit Mattress One today! *Conditions apply, see here for details.

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