Comfort vs. Support

Comfort vs. Support – Can You Get Both

Our Jacksonville, FL, Sleep Experts Say YES!

It’s a battle as old as time – can your mattress be both comfortable and supportive? Thanks to innovations and creative designs, there are new models from name brands that allow you to have it all and a good night sleep – who could want more?

When you’re shopping for a mattress, you know there are two things to consider: comfort and support. And anyone who has slept on a lumpy mattress can tell you, these two terms are not interchangeable in terms of mattresses.

What is the difference between support and comfort? Support refers to the ability of your mattress’s inner restructure to resist the downward pressure applied to it by the weight of your body. Material layers on the top of the innerspring offer comfort. It’s acquired through the use of firming pads and high-density foam.

There are a lot of misconceptions about comfort and support. For instance, a firm mattress isn’t always ideal – even if you’re suffering from back or neck pain. In fact, most manufactures use the same exact innerspring in their firm, plush, and pillow-top mattresses.

Different levels of comfort There are three different levels of comfort: firm, medium and soft.

Firm mattresses offer a great level of support for the body by design. The mattress has an almost flat surface with very little padding.

Medium mattresses have the same level of support as a firm mattress but are designed with a few extra layers of cushioning material sewn into the surface of the mat.

Finally, soft mattresses offer the most in comfort. The soft mattresses include the same level of support as the firm and medium mattresses, but also include layers of soft fibers and foam sewn inside the surface.

The level of comfort and support that you need to make the most of your eight hours of sleep is dependent on your physical needs. The best way to get started in choosing the right mattress that has comfort and support you need is to speak to a Jacksonville, FL, sleep expert at Mattress 1 One.

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