How Can I Tell When I Need a New Mattress?

“How can you tell when you need a new mattress?  Find out some telling signs that suggest when it's time to replace the old box and spring.”

With most bedroom products, you pretty much know when you need a replacement.  When sheets become stained or worn, when dressers become scratched and ugly, there's no question.  However, a mattress will probably look much the same—at least for several years.  So there is some question as to how you know when a mattress is no longer serving its purpose.

In fact, your mattress may very well feel comfy, even if it is doing a number on your back.  You must remember that a mattress is designed to provide your body not only with support, but also comfort.  So you can't just assume that because it still does the job, it's perfectly capable of lasting another 10 years.  Your back probably can't take it for much longer, not if the mattress has become warped.

There are a number of sure signs to look for if you suspect your mattress has been significantly “worn” and is no longer good for bed rest.  They include:

  • Stiffness when you wake up
  • Numbness or various bodily aches
  • Visible signs of tear or wear
  • Lumps or uneven parts of it
  • You seem to sleep better on the couch

How Old is Your Mattress?

And of course there's the fail proof “time test.”  Chances are, if your mattress is older than seven years, then it's been far too long!  Most mattresses, and especially “affordable” mattresses only have a lifespan of about seven years to begin with, and if it is frequently used (which mattresses are known to be, since we have that nasty habit of going to sleep daily) then it can wear out even sooner than the maximum time span.

A mattress would ideally last a long time, but we have to ask ourselves, do we ourselves change in seven to ten years?  Of course!  Our bodies go through significant changes year to year, and the mattress you keep absorbs everything, from weight gain, to uneven pressures to all sorts of miscellaneous issues.  (Like your kids jumping on the bed!)

The wise thing to do is to replace your mattress on a regular basis, so that your family has access to quality sleep and optimal health.  And remember, recycle your mattress by giving it to a store that accepts old mattresses, as this will go a long way in green efforts and space-saving.

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