• Tips for Coping with a Sleep Walker

    Although at some point we have all had an odd experience during our sleep cycle, dealing with the sleepwalker is a unique event to most of us. At some point, we all get up when we are not fully awake, to head to the bathroom, or see what the noise is outside. However, sleepwalking is an altogether different experience that requires special care by our loved ones.

    Typically happening a few hours after bedtime, it is not uncommon that the sleepwalker is moving around the house looking confused and dazed. This is often a typical occurrence in children and not so much in adults.

    The Behavior of a Sleepwalker

    Sonnambulism, or sleepwalking, involves a lot more than just walking. The behavior of the sleepwalker can often range from being harmless (by just sitting up), to something potentially dangerous (walking outside unattended). Typically, a sleepwalker rarely remembers the event.

    It is essential to keep your sleepwalker safe around the home, during the event. To help them stay out of harm’s way, it is important to:

    • Keep Them Sleeping – Do not try to wake up your sleepwalker, as it may scare them. Simply guide them back to their bed and tuck them in.
    • Block All Doors and Windows – It is essential to lock all exterior doors and windows to minimize the potential of them walking outdoors.
    • Avoid Bunk Beds – Sleepwalker should never rest on a bunk bed. You will need to reduce the potential of falling and hurting themselves from a high distance. A large, comfortable mattress works best.
    • Contain Them – A true sleepwalker needs to be contained. Without thinking, they can easily walk outside even on a cold, freezing night and cause harm to themselves or trouble for someone else.
    • Avoid Dangerous Items – Because a true sleepwalker does not understand what is going on around them, it is imperative to keep all dangerous objects safely out of reach. This would include knives, guns, and any sharp objects.
    • Reduce Obstacles – Consider reducing or removing all obstacles from their room, the hallway, and throughout the home. This will eliminate the potential for stumbling.

    Additionally, there are proactive things you can do to make your sleepwalker less likely to perform their episodic event during the night. Relaxation tapes or soft music at bedtime helps him or her relax deeper. Reduce beverage consumption in the evening to make them less likely to want to use the bathroom during the night. Finally, it is essential to always keep the bedroom cozy, with a comfortable mattress that is conducive to restful slumber.

  • Binge Eating Causes Sleep Issues

    At some point in everyone’s life, we have experienced binge eating as a way to find relaxation or just to enjoy delicious food. While it often feels great for the few minutes we’re enjoying the experience, it can bring along with it negative consequences that are both physical and emotional. We might feel disappointed in ourselves for what we have done, and feel uncomfortable through our weight gain and diminished health. Recent studies have shown there are numerous negative impacts to binge eating, that include the elimination of quality sleep.

    Altering Sleep Patterns

    Individuals that binge eat often tend to develop significant sleep issues. Historically, people that binge eat have many sleep difficulties, along with other maladies including obesity, signs of depression, and others.

    Binge Eating and Sleeping Issues

    Somehow, there appears to be some type of connection between binge eating and sleeping issues. Researchers are not exactly sure which one is causing the other. However, with speculation, it is easy to explain the relationship between binge eating and worsened sleep.

    The diminishing levels of sleep are known to influence the hormones that control appetite. Sleeplessness often drives the body to consume many more calories. Studies on the lack of sleep have recognized that stress plays a significant role in the adrenaline glands producing higher levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) which are directly linked to increasing appetite and the development of many sleep disorders.

    Even though the root cause of binge eating cannot be correlated directly to sleeplessness, scientists know both of them are clearly related. Individuals that struggle with sleeping problems, and constantly feel restless and tired throughout the day, need to make a good night’s rest the top priority in their life.

    A Supportive Mattress

    This can be accomplished through the purchase of a quality mattress that offers support and a high level of comfort throughout the sleeping cycle. Individuals that sleep on a quality supportive mattress are less likely to toss and turn, and wake up continuously throughout the night.

    Binge eating disorders and restless, sleepless nights might be able to be controlled by getting a better night’s sleep on a quality mattress. Additionally, psychotherapy, medicine, nutritional counseling, and family and/or group therapy can also restore a more normal level of eating and sleeping.

    By getting a good night of quality sleep, we can adjust our mood and stress levels, and return to proper brain function.

  • How to (Effectively) Research Mattresses Online

    While it has long been known that paying more for a mattress does not necessarily mean you are getting a better night sleep, just how do you effectively research for mattresses online? There are numerous key indicators to tell you a lot about each unit that are based on personal experience, ratings, reviews, comments, warranties, and customer service. Each indicator can paint an accurate picture of exactly how the unit will perform in your home.

    Some of those indicators include:

    Ownership Satisfaction – There are numerous individuals that enjoy sleeping on a foam mattress, while others require an innerspring. While the type of material you sleep on is certainly a personal preference, many long reviews give detailed descriptions that inform others of their individual experience.

    Price – After reading a lot of reviews, comments, and feedback, it is obvious that mid-price units overall tend to have the same owner satisfaction as high priced beds. This would indicate that is not necessary to spend huge amounts of money to obtain a competitive mattress.

    Lower Back Support – Many reviews indicate that specific types of beds are better at pain relief by offering greater lower back support. Seek out units that clearly state they help support the hip, shoulder and back.

    Warranties – Reading a full explanation of the warranty will help decipher between the good and bad mattress. Look for specific key aspects including how long each warranty lasts, and the guarantees of replacing a unit if you are dissatisfied with the sleeping experience it provides.

    Pillow Tops – There is extensive information on whether pillow top units provide better durability and longevity than mattresses without one.

    Returns – The store’s policies on returns usually indicate customer satisfaction. While not everyone will be happy with their purchase, quality made units that are promoted correctly will tend to have fewer returns.

    Latex vs. Memory Foam – There is an extensive difference between a latex and a memory foam mattress, along with their important similarities. By analyzing both, you can comparison shop before selecting the best one for you.

    Adjustable Beds – Many adjustable beds offer significant comfort benefits over standard beds. Each one is rated for quality, durability, comfort, and warranties.

    By reading the reviews, comments, and feedback from satisfied (or not) customers you can gain a firm understanding of exactly what you are purchasing, and the level of comfortable sleep it most likely will provide for years to come.

  • Why Should I Finance My Mattress?

    Financing a mattress makes good sense, and it allows you the opportunity to purchase a higher priced, better made unit. Offering the most support, you will maximize your sleep every night and wake completely rested for the day.

    Sleep is often the last thing you think about at night, and the first thing you think about every morning. It is one of the most important daily actions you will do every day of your life. With the proper mattress, people often feel completely rested, after they have slept all night. They never feel as though they have wasted time just lying around on a worn-out bed attempting to recoup from their hectic life.

    Sleeping in Comfort with Support

    As individuals reach adulthood, their bodies often become worn out and require more care, especially during their sleeping hours. The health benefits of sleeping on a firm bed can provide more comfort than sleeping on something that does not offer support. An old, distressed bed can often cause individuals to develop poor blood circulation, severe back aches, and the sensation of feeling more tired than when they went to sleep.

    Supporting the Spine’s Natural Shape

    Without the proper supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients will, over time, create significant health problems, which could be avoided by a firm mattress with full support. A proper conforming bed will help support the spine’s natural shape, and allow it to remain in a relaxing position while sleeping. The head, neck, and spine support is without a doubt the most sensitive region in the body while at rest, and a good mattress can offer support to that area.

    Spending 1/3 of Your Life on a Mattress

    It is essential not to skimp on the price of the mattress. Knowing that you spend at least one third of your life lying on the mattress, purchasing a quality made one will help ensure you are comfortable and well supported during the night. Now is not the time to purchase a no-name brand that offers you no historical evidence on the quality of their no-name mattresses.


    By financing your mattress you can purchase the best available unit at a reasonable price, and spread the payments out, over time. You can consider purchasing a Tempurpedic, Kingsdown, iComfort, Sealy, Serta, Stearns and Foster, Optimum, Simmons and Blu-tek.

    Many times, you simply cannot afford to lay out cash for the quality of mattress you require and deserve. That is when financing makes good sense. Spreading out the cost with affordable payments, offers you assurance that you can have the bed you need now, to sleep better tonight and in the future.

  • Comparing Mattresses – How to Get Started

    Anyone who has ever shopped for mattresses knows just how difficult this process can be. As a savvy consumer, you want to comparison shop and find the best value, but with mattresses, this can become a little trickier than many think. Manufacturers of mattresses will often give their products very slight modifications in order to distribute mattresses to multiple sellers, giving them unique names. This can be considerably confusing when trying to form a direct comparison between two models.

    The best way to get started, as you compare mattresses, is to decide what you want from a mattress.


    1. Innerspring or Memory Foam?

    Memory foam is clearly the premium choice. This technology was developed to provide comfort and protection to astronauts as they experience g-forces, so it is clearly an advanced and innovative material. Tempur-Pedic is certainly a leading name for memory foam mattresses, but more and more manufactures are incorporating it into their designs as it conforms to support your body and is heat sensitive.

    The downside to memory foam is that it will be the more expensive of the two, and it is best to go with the leading brands because not all memory foam performs the same. The alternative is to go with the more common and more affordable innerspring mattress.

    2. Firmness

    Researchers and medical professionals have long debated on whether a soft or firm mattress is better for your back. With most results ranging somewhere in the middle, most believe that it is important for the mattress to have some firmness so that the spine and joints are supported. Although it should be soft enough to contour to the natural curve of the body.

    In the end, it is important that you choose a firmness that is right for your body type, preferences, and needs. This is one reason more and more people have been choosing mattresses with memory foam, as the foam forms to provide customized support.

    3. Test

    Regardless of whether you decide to order your mattress online or in a store, it can greatly help your decision to visit a store and try your possible mattress in person. Do not be embarrassed to lie down on the display mattresses; that is why they are there, and the store expects it. Make a note of your favorite models, and their qualities.

  • Memory Foam or Spring Mattress. Which is Right for You?

    With so many types of mattresses to choose from, and the vast amounts of information, it can be understandably difficult to decipher whether you should choose a spring mattress or a memory foam mattress. Your sleep has a major impact on your short and long term health, it is crucial that you make a wise investment and choose a mattress that is right for your body and sleep habits.


    The most important responsibility of your mattress is to support your body. If the mattress does not provide proper support, your spine can become misaligned, possibly leading to poor posture, aches, and pains.

    Spring Mattress – These mattresses use a spring and coil system to push back against the pressure from your body. The coil system provides equal amounts of resistance throughout the entire mattress, even though some areas of your body produce more pressure, such as your shoulders and hips. Because the springs do not accommodate for all the areas of your body, you might experience circulation and alignment issues, and toss and turn throughout the night.

    Memory Foam – High quality memory foam uses advanced materials that distribute the force from your body in order to reduce the occurrence of pressure points. Also contouring to all the curves of your body.


    Spring Mattress – It is possible to get acquired to spring mattresses at different firmness levels, but it is unlikely that they will stay at this level for very long. The springs and coils in the mattress wear and tear over time, just like over used shock absorbers for example.

    Memory Foam – Because memory foam contours to your body in order to distribute your weight, the mattress is able to give firm support without feeling ridged and stiff. Some varieties of memory foam are more supple and soft than others.


    Unlike spring mattresses, memory foam mattresses are sensitive to temperatures. The foam can require more time to adjust to your body as it responds to your body heat. This delayed affect is an annoyance to some memory foam mattress owners.


    One of the primary positives to a spring mattress is that they are typically much less expensive than memory foam mattresses. This is mostly because they require much simpler and older technology. A coil system can cost as little as $15, However, those coils do wear down fairly quickly. Meaning that you need to replace the spring mattress every few years.

    Memory foam mattresses of course are more expensive, but they are typically considered a higher quality investment that will last much longer and require much less maintenance than a spring mattress.

  • Benefits of Sealy Stearns and Foster

    Your bed is your sanctuary, safe haven, and place for your body to recuperate and rejuvenate after a long day of work. In order to have the ultimate relaxation experience, you need a mattress that is going to provide what you need. Sealy is known throughout the world as a leading reputable mattress manufacturer, and the Sealy Stearns and Foster collection certainly lives up to the hype and reputation.

    A Sealy Sterns and Foster mattress provides a very luxurious sleeping experience. The mattresses are made from high-density furniture grade upholstery foams, providing firm and durable support. Select Sterns & Foster models include memory foam or luxury latex foam. These foams mold and shape in response to the body, providing unique support that is tailored specifically to your body’s needs.

    The mattresses are then wrapped in a silk-infused cover. This further adds to the comfort of the mattress and it also enables the mattress to regulate body temperature and absorb heat, keeping you cooler as you sleep. The Sterns and Foster models include innovative titanium alloy coils that are individually wrapped to provide long lasting comfort and support. Each of the mattresses in the collection, aside from the Ultra Firm models, is designed to be compatible with an adjustable base, allowing you to customize your comfort to your tastes.

    One of the many reasons that Sealy and Stearns and Foster have become well known and trusted names within the mattress industry is due to their attention to detail and quality. Each innovative mattress in the collection is designed using the input and knowledge of back specialists and expert craftsmen. If a mattress includes the Sealy Stearns and Foster seal, you know that you have a high-quality durable product that is going to perform very well.

    A mattress is not an investment to be taken lightly. The quality of sleep you get affects your health and your mood for the following day. You do not purchase new mattresses often, or at least you should not have to, so it is important to make your decision wisely. When you purchase a Sealy Stearns and Foster mattress, you can rest assured that the mattress will provide unparalleled comfort and support for a many nights. Whether you simply need a new mattress, or if you are in need of better quality sleep, a Stearns and Foster mattress will serve you well.

  • Benefits of Sealy Posturepedic®

    When shopping for mattresses, you will find yourself bombarded with dozens upon dozens of choices. It might be tempting to just go with the cheapest mattress available, but this is a long investment you are making for your sleep and your health. In order to know that you are getting the best product, and the most value, Sealy Posturepedic provides so many benefits that make the mattress a wise purchase every time.

    Sealy provides thousands of people with mattresses every year through multitudes of retailers throughout the world. They own the brands Basset, Embody and Steams & Foster as well. Over the years, Sealy has come to dominate the world mattress industry and cultivated an extremely strong reputation over this time. One of the reasons that Sealy, and their Sealy Posturepedic mattresses, have earned this reputation is by paying close attention to detail and providing exceptional products.

    The Sealy Posturepedic mattress enables you to get an excellent night’s sleep by giving your body the ultimate support it needs. The mattresses are designed using the input and expertise of prominent back specialists from across the globe. The mattress is able to reduce the amount that you toss and turn throughout the night, and those feelings of restlessness, by providing concentrated support to the common pressure points on the body. The result is ultimate support and comfort throughout the night, allowing for excellent restful sleep.

    Sealy Posturepedic mattresses are available in many different sizes, and may include titanium spring systems, box coils, and a comfortable pillow topper. This mattress system provides firm support that is especially beneficial if you share your bed with another person. When you sleep on a cheap mattress, the mattress sags and slumps, causing you to each roll into the center. The Sealy mattress stays firm and allows you and your partner to sleep undisturbed through the night.

    The ultimate advantage of choosing Sealy is that you know that you are not only going to receive a mattress that is going to provide an excellent night’s rest, but also a mattress that will perform and support for a very long time. A cheap mattress will quickly begin to show depressions and indentions, and not give your body the firmness it needs throughout the night, while a Sealy mattress will stand strong. The Sealy Posturepedic mattress allows you to sleep easy in more ways than one.

  • Benefits of a Sealy Optimum Mattress

    A good night’s sleep requires a few things and the mattress of your choice is definitely one of them! The Sealy Optimum mattress is the ultimate choice when you are looking for quality.

    The Sealy Optimum is a memory foam mattress. As there are many memory foam mattresses on the market, you are probably familiar with this technology. Memory foam conforms and supports your body, providing superior support for you and allowing you to move in the night without disturbing your partner. The foam actually hugs your body while you sleep and molds to make you feel as if the mattress was specifically designed for your body shape and size. The foam is a high quality material that will maintain this function and perform night after night for a very long time.

    Along with this memory foam technology, the Sealy Optimum mattress goes above and beyond by infusing OptiCool technology. This technology enables the gel memory foam mattress to pull excess heat away from the body. The Sealy Optimum mattress has been found to be twelve times more affective at removing and absorbing excess heat than similar memory foam mattresses. With this mattress, you no longer need worry about tossing and turning in the night trying to find the cool area of the mattress.

    The Sealy Optimum mattress was designed from top to bottom to provide the best support possible for your body as you sleep. The mattress includes an Opticore layer under the gel memory foam, which provides firmer support at the bottom of the mattress. This section of the mattress provides the deeper layer of support that your mattress needs to stay firm and stable. Even when a partner is sleeping next to you on the mattress, you still benefit from a calm, steady sleeping surface that holds firm throughout the night.

    When choosing a mattress, you could make the decision to choose a cheap mattress that is going to deflate and sag, leaving your joints, spine, and neck unsupported while you sleep, or you can invest in a high-quality long-lasting Sealy Optimum mattress. The Sealy Optimum is worth the extra expense as it can outlast and out perform its cheaper competition.

  • Temper Your Sleeplessness with the NEW TEMPUR Choice Collection from Tempur-Pedic!

    Mattress One sells More Tempur-Pedic mattresses in Florida!Whether you choose Tempur-Pedic's TEMPUR Choice Luxe or the TEMPUR Choice Supreme, you are certain to experience the undeniable personalized comfort of multiple adjustable zones of body conforming support. The combination of TEMPUR® material with adaptable positions controlled individually, allows BOTH of you to find the luxury sleep setting specific to your particular comfort zone on each side of the bed.

    The new Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR Choice Collection unites individualized form-fitting support with your preferred position of comfort with just the touch of a button for each of you! The customizable design options adapt to each person’s supreme level of comfort for the head and legs, plus extra support under your lower back.  Cushion the pressure points specific to your body’s curvatures and get the ultimate night’s sleep – TOGETHER!

    Come into Mattress 1 One today and see which Tempur-Pedic TEMPUR-Choice Mattress is right for you!

    TEMPUR-Choice Luxe

    • Adjustable feel from soft to medium-firm
    • Moderately-conforming TEMPUR-Feel
    • Multiple individually-controlled zones for adjustable support
    • Removable, washable super-stretch cover with linen base trim
    • 14" high
    • Antimicrobial treatment hinders microorganisms, including dust mites

    TEMPUR-Choice Supreme

    • Adjustable feel from medium-soft to firm
    • Lightly-conforming TEMPUR-Feel
    • Multiple individually-controlled zones for adjustable support
    • Removable, washable super-stretch cover with linen base trim
    • 13" high
    • Antimicrobial treatment hinders microorganisms, including dust mites

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