Top 6 Activities That Are Negatively Affecting Your Sleep

Most people claim not to get enough sleep at night. They will shrug it off and solider on throughout the day without addressing the problem. In reality, it is very important to make the changes necessary to get a good night’s sleep that will allow your body to function healthily. In order to improve your ability to get a healthy amount of sleep, there are some common activities that should be avoided in the evening hours:


Exercise is a double-edged sword when it comes to sleep deprivation. Exercising earlier in the day can improve your ability to get a great night’s sleep, but exercising at night can make it harder to go to sleep. Try to exercise at least a few hours before you plan to head to bed or your body will be too energized to rest.


Caffeine affects your body for a very long time. Physicians have suggested that caffeine intake later than 2 p.m. can negatively affect your ability to fall asleep and achieve deeper sleep. Keep your caffeine consumption limited to the morning hours.

Watching Television

It is very easy to zone out in front of the TV without realizing that it is suddenly well past your bed time. Your internal clock can become confused when you spend too much time watching television. Help your mind unwind by turning off the TV at least half an hour before you want to go to sleep.


Many people reach for a glass of alcohol to enable them to fall to sleep faster, but this can actually do more harm than good. Alcohol may help you slip to sleep quicker, but it can cause you to get poorer quality of sleep.

Stress and Anxiety

One of the hardest activities to avoid before bed is worrying about work or any other stresses. If you have a big project, assignment, or problem weighing on your mind, you can become too emotionally wound up to get to sleep. If you have this problem frequently, you could greatly benefit from learning relaxation or meditation techniques to use before bed.

Food Before Bedtime

Late meals or late night snacks can greatly affect your ability to get a good night’s sleep. While a big meal may make your feel tired, going to sleep with a full stomach can negatively affect your sleep cycles, resulting in lower-quality sleep.

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