What Mattress is Best for Allergies?

We sleep in order to restore, rejuvenate, and prepare our bodies and minds for the day ahead. Therefore, it would be devastating to learn that your bed is causing you to have an allergic reaction. Your bed should be your safe haven, but if you have the wrong mattress, it could be causing you to itch, sneeze, toss and turn when you should be sleeping.

Many people are allergic to dust mites, and the allergen that can be worsened with the wrong mattress. Before you start to squirm at the thought of dust mites being in your bed, the mites themselves are not necessarily the problem. The dust in your room, and in your mattress, can be largely contaminated with dust mite feces, which is generally the primary cause of the allergic reaction.

How is your mattress to blame?

This depends on the type of mattress you have. If you sleep on a coil or spring mattress, this can be very bad news for your allergy system. These mattresses are designed to have an inner spring structure; this means that within the mattress itself there are cavities in order to accommodate the springs and coils.

Over time, as you sleep on the mattress, these cavities can become even larger. These spaces within your mattress will become a natural place for skin cells, dust, and dust mite feces to accumulate. Due to humidity from your body heat, mold and mildew can also form in these cavities, which can also cause an allergic reaction.

Which mattress should you choose?

So, if the extremely common inner spring mattresses are so bad for allergies, which type is best? The answer is a solid memory foam or latex mattress. The problem with an inner spring mattress is that it has that inner cavity, which becomes a convenient spot for your allergens to accumulate. Memory foam mattresses do not have any type of cavities or open cores where this can happen, making them much more favorable for allergy sufferers.

Along with a solid mattress, you can also reduce your allergy symptoms with the help of anti-allergy bedding. When choosing bedding for your mattress, it is best to choose materials that are non-porous, fits the mattress well, and is easy to remove and wash frequently. With high-quality bedding and a great mattress, you will finally be able to sleep long and easy.

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